How do people around the world get from A to B?

Dear committed in the One World,

How do people connected to your organization or partner projects get from A to B? Is it similar to how people move in Saarland, Germany, the seat of Weltveränderere.V.?

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We were wondering, Weltveränderere.V. is about to plan a photo exhibition which aims to depict mobility patterns of different people all around the world. This might be their way to work, to school, mobility in their leisure time. Are you interested in giving the people in your projects a voice and maybe gain some popularity for your organization? Then continue reading!

We would like to continue the positive experiences we were able to gain in our 2019 project where we compared the way to school of students at a school in Uganda and one in Saarbrücken, Saarland. (find more information here:

The children who participated in our former exhibition were we asked what characterizes their way to school and they answered questions if they get there by car, walking or by bus and if they are accompanied or go by themselves. The results were interesting and opened the perspective that around the world, people manage to arrive school also without a so called “parental taxi”.

And now it’s about you! As part of our new exhibition we would like to portray situations about children and adults getting from A to B, focusing on the people in contact with your organization or projects. Do people move similar to people in Saarland, where Weltveränderer is seated, or do they do it differently? To participate in the exhibition with your project we need high quality photos, e.g. picturing children’s way to school, people’s way to work, simply photos of people’s daily life mobility which goes beyond these two aspects. Also, combined with short statements of the motives shown.

If you are interested, we would be happy to hear from you! To reach you most directly we are able to contact the person in charge within your projects in Spanish, French, German, and of course English, to talk more detailed about your participation. Therefore, please reach out to Your questions are welcome as well!

Your Weltveränderer Team from Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany!